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BioNatural  Healing College will do much to help enlighten people the world over about our body’s miraculous ability to heal itself if given the right foods, care, and education .
~ Janet Maccaro  Ph.D  C.N.C.


Thanks for your hard work in creating knowledge and opportunities of such great magnitude for people all around the globe. My prayers are with your continued success and leadership.

~Dr. Bahaudin G. Mujtaba, Professor of International Management and HRM

Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship
Nova Southeastern University

In my experience working in the Natural Health education field for many years, BioNatural Health College provides a high standard of integrity and necessary information to students. The field of Natural Health is growing at an extremely rapid rate, due to better informed public. People are learning they have choices when it comes to their own health and those of their families. It is also a growing field for practitioners who are trained in such colleges as BioNatural Health, who will be there to aid and assist those people on the alternative health choices. Be informed and be educated to lead the way to better health and a better world.

~Dr. Sally Warren, Naturopath, Holistic Practitioner, Naturopathic Psychologist, Educator


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