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This certificate program that is offered by BioNatural Healing College consists of 12 credits hours. This certificate program teaches and guide students to become aware of how proper diet and exercise play an important role in the prevention of multiple chronic diseases and optimum health approach.
Objectives: To graduate with a successful certificate of Diet & Exercise Consultant Program should be able to:

  • Coordinate between diet and exercise for optimum health approach
  • Consult and plan project based on diet and daily exercise
  • Evaluate the plan based on assigned diet and daily exercise for the improvement
  • Manage and maintain the record of clients


Opportunities: Successful certificate holder of Diet & Exercise Consultant Program should be able to find employment in the following careers:

  • Employee for hospital in the nutrition division
  • Work for the rehab center
  • Work for the fitness center and school
  • Work for nutrition and supplement industry


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