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Product Description

This certificate program of the BioNatural Healing College consists of 9 credits hours and is designed for those individuals interested in learning more about the benefits of natural health, whole foods and nutrition information.



Graduate with a successful certificate of BioNatural Healing Coach Program should be able to:

  • Explain about the improvement of quality of life through his knowledge based on the philosophy of BioNatural Healing of nutrition.
  • Provide information and discuss with the client different food options for the positive change towards healthy lifestyle
  • Inform and discuss with the clients the importance of nutritional supplements
  • Prepare a business plan for natural nutrition consulting practice
  • Communicate, monitor, and evaluate the natural health and nutritional plan of clients and assist them for healthy choices.



Successful certificate holders of BioNatural Healing Coach Program should be able to find employment in the following careers:

  • Nutrition food/supplement stores
  • Supplement and health product manufacturers
  • School or institution cafeterias as a nutrition consultant
  • Open a natural food and supplement store
  • Rehab centers or hospitals as a nutrition assistant


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