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Message From the President/Dean of Academic Affairs



Message from the President

Dear Prospective Students:

First and foremost I am thankful to Almighty God for granting me this opportunity to cordially welcome you all around the world to the BioNatural Healing College. It is my pleasure and honor on behalf of the BioNatural Healing College to invite you to read, learn, write, watch, teach, and share the experience around the globe.

The BioNatural Healing College offers a dynamic quality of education to change and improve your quality of health as well as the communities where you’re residing around the world through online education. It is essential to understand that you cannot change your outside world unless you first change your inside vital world, by understanding what types of food products you’re consuming and what types of reactions your body will respond with to the food and drinks you have been taking throughout your life.

Indeed, all of these vital issues will impact your life and the life of communities. We are blessed with the positive aspect of technology which helps us with the need to educate ourselves regardless of distance in respect to holistic health, nutrition such as medicinal plants and other beneficial organisms, the BioNatural Healing College will provide the key to success for each one of you to open the lock of natural treasure and explore your adventure for the benefit of human society and the environment by avoiding unnecessary chemicals.

Your passion, dedication, perseverance, motivation, and interest in advancing education of natural health science and wellbeing through implementation of holistic health and nutrition, certainly counts towards a positive change for a healthy life. Once again, I cordially congratulate those already enrolled and invite you to join the BioNatural Healing College for the sake of better health quality and wellness of you, your family, and human society.


Wishing you a healthy life and great success
Dr. M. Nadir Sidiqi Ph.D


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