• BNHC 102 – Science of Water (4 credits)

  • Organic foods are more delicious and nutritious when compared to conventional
    farming because conventional farming mostly depends on using pesticides. How and why
    organic nutrition is more delicious and more […]

  • Objective: To graduate successfully with Diploma Herbal Science & Master Herbalist should able to:
    • Utilize their knowledge of plant medicines through therapeutic consultation in the applications to promote h […]

  • Objective: Introduce and learn the science of historical background of acupuncture and fundamentals of acupuncture in the treatment of many types of diseases.

    Description: Students will gain the knowledge of […]

  • Description: Text here

    Text here

    Objective: To graduate successfully with Diploma Holistic Health Practitioner should able to:
    • Holistic Diet Based Therapy
    • Holistic Client Care & Con […]

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