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Professor Rosalie Stafford


Rosalie Stafford, at age 18, was told by a doctor that she was borderline diabetic and would probably need to go on insulin in the near future. Determined to avoid that fate, she successfully embarked on a health-giving natural diet and lifestyle. More that 40 years later, she continues to maintain good health, enjoying a diet of unprocessed, live food. She has written two books on the subject of nutrition: a cookbook, GMO Foods & Meds that Cause Blindness: Saving your Eyesight with the No Sugar, No Gluten, No GMOs Golden Age Diet, and a reference book, The History of GMOs: Genetically Engineered Corn, Canola, Cotton. Trained in massage and hypnotherapy, she specializes in Reiki-like energy work, utilizing aura-massage and acupressure, with the goal of helping the client’s own healing powers to effect positive physical changes.
She holds degrees in Art & Architectural History (BA) and English & Folklore (MA); her work as college instructor has taken her around the world. She has taught hundreds of Freshman Composition I & II; World Literature, Ancient to Renaissance; English Literature, Renaissance to Modern; and Art & Architectural History, Ancient to Modern courses. She has written and illustrated a number of nonfiction books on subjects ranging from Russian history to architectural history to cartomancy, as well as three mystery novels.
Presently, she lives a very simple – indeed primitive – life in a remote part of Arizona, where she raises flocks of heritage chickens and turkeys and breeds her special “Rose’s Little,” a tiny variety of chicken, smaller than a pigeon.

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