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Dr. Nadir Sidiqi


Dr. M. Nadir Sidiqi Ph.D

Since his childhood fruits and vegetable were his favorite, without knowing about the phytotherapy mechanisms of essential nutrients that are available in plants which supply those essential nutrients to the body. He loved grapes and still loves them; he was eating delicious naturally grown grapes with whole wheat bread for breakfast during the summer season. Until he and his family immigrated from his native country Afghanistan to Peshawar Pakistan during the former Soviet Union invasion, and he obtained his B.S degree (Horticulture Science) from the Agricultural University of Peshawar Pakistan (1989), then he realized that there is a strong relationship between water, soil, plants, animals and especially the human body. Indeed, this adventure of knowledge explores his mind for further knowledge gain and opportunities. As a result of that, he immigrated to the great country of the USA, like many other immigrants.

However, as a seeker of knowledge on April 28th, 2000, unfortunately, a very serious accident happened to him while he was a graduate student (M.S. Plant Sciences) at the Department of Plant Sciences, California State University Fresno. As a result of that serious accident, he remained hospitalized for more than two years and discharged in July 2002. Despite physical limitations (wheelchair) and constant pain, his positive attitude and hope to pursue his desire of education prevailed and he obtained his M.S degree in Plant Sciences from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in 2003. He received his second MS degree in Biology from New Mexico State University. Afterwards, he received his Ph.D. degree in Agriculture Science from Atlantic International University. Furthermore, he obtained his second Ph.D., (Natural Medicine) from Kingdom College of Natural Health for the main reasons:  First, he wanted to learn and explore in depth is a researcher with the integrated approach to benefit himself, his family, and humanity. Secondly, to understand the relation between foods grown in the field and food consumption after distribution in the markets better, for instance with phytonutrients and numerous biochemical reactions that are taking place in the human body through ingestion, digestion, absorption, and excretion.

Currently, he is the president/dean of academics BioNatural Healing College (Online Distance Learning), based in California USA. He was the CEO/president of Organic Ecocare Inc. from July 2008 until December 2014. Since, 2005, Dr. Sidiqi provides seminars and continuing education for the State of California Department of Pesticide Regulation on Laws, Regulations, and basic principles of safe and effective pesticide use, in the context of food production, public health, and the environmental health.

Research interests:

  • Natural Healing and Holistic Nutrition based on natural products especially in the context of natural health to public and environment health.
  • Develop sustainable distance learning education, in the context of natural health and holistic nutrition that can benefit and improve the quality of health of human society and the globe.
  • Enhance the level of perception for integrated approaches to maximize BioNatural Healing concepts through diet; exercise and positive attitude to minimize risk to the public from multiple health problems and the environment from exposures to harmful chemicals.

Dr. Sidiqi remained as a host on Iman TV from September 2012 to May 2013 based in Fremont, California on various topics such as Health, Nutrition, Biology, the Benefits of Onions, Basic Food Allergens. Medicinal plants (compounds). Dr. Sidiqi is an author (Biodiversity Conservation: A Path to a Healthy Afghanistan as well as Water: With Four Perceptions Transparent, Blue, Gray, and Green), writer, speaker, and an invited speaker at several International conferences (Afghanistan, Paris, Egypt, India). Dr. Sidiqi is enjoying his life through researching, reading, and social interaction with love and respect to different cultures around the globe and praising Almighty God for having the opportunity to be with his family.

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