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This Diploma program consists of 30 credits hours, is a two years study program in order to successfully complete all of the assigned courses and study requirements for this Diploma in Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant.

Objective: To graduate successfully with Diploma Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant one should able to:
• Plan a healthy lifestyle that can restore the heath of the individual based on diet, exercise, and sleep pattern.
• Discuss the relationship between healthy and unhealthy diet especially process foods and trans- fat that impact our health and wellbeing.
• Discuss the how to enhance and build strong immune system, through natural and holistic diet in order the body to defense against infectious agents.
• Communicate effectively, for the possibility to resolve the issue in respect to improvement quality of health and wellness.
• Coordinate and collaborate accurately in the public perception in the approach of optimum wellness and lifestyle.

Opportunities: Successful Diploma holder of Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant should be able to find employment in the following careers:
• Elementary & Secondary Schools Cafeteria
• Wellness & Family Centers
• Health & Nutrition Centers
• Nursing Homes & Hospitals
• Natural Vitamins & Supplement Company
• Women Infant & Children Programs (WIC)

Note: Each 4 credit course has a 12 week period to complete which includes three exams, assignments and a paper per course. 3 credit courses have an 8 week period to complete which includes three exams, assignments and a paper per course.

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