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Course Curriculum

MHC 100 – Medicinal Herbs (4 credits) 00:00:00
This course as a holistic guide, naturopath which provides an accessible and comprehensive introductory course of medicinal plants, explaining how they work and how to use them safely. In addition, shed some light on the herbal apothercary which includes advice on growing and foraging for healing plants along with recommendations for plant based formulations to fight common ailments such as muscle strain, anxiety, and insomnia.
MHC 101 – Herbal Science & Phytotherapy (4 credits) 00:00:00
This course focuses on the numerous health problem condition, and present supportive evidence for selected herbal therapies used for specific medical conditions based on case studies that make a useful tool for the client counseling in clinical practice. In addition, dosage information provide for adult and children along the other cohesive treatment plans considering all therapeutic options.
MHC 102 – Understanding of Aromatherapy (3 credits) 00:00:00
This course focuses and will provide enough information about essential oils and their therapeutic impact based on combines evidence and research with the art of natural essential oils. Discuss and explain how important is these natural essential oils, therapeutic properties for numerous common health condition, and cautions should be taken in certain situations.
MHC 103 – Introduction to Acupuncture (3 credits) 00:00:00
Students will gain the knowledge of history of acupuncture and fundamental principles. Discuss the five elements based on the science of acupuncture. How acupuncture play a significant role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Explain how acupuncture works with modern medicine.
MHC 104 – Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology (4 credits) 00:00:00
This course introduces the human body on a microscopic level such as cells, tissues, organs and systems13. Describes basic human body parts and their functions in the life process. How important the human body is which consists of cells, tissues, organs, and system that play a significant role in the structures and functions of each major system of the human body.
MHC 105 – Essential Microbiology (4 credits) 00:00:00
Students should learn the basic characteristics of each group (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, protozoa) of microbe. Describe the link that how does one know that a person is infected? Where and how is a person infected? What can be done if a person is infected?
MHC 106 – Green Prescriptions (4 credits) 00:00:00
This course focuses on issues about how green herbs play a significant role, and how to utilize them as green pharmacy. It is important to consider safety first and choosing the right herbs for the right ailment for instance, arthritis, asthma, cold and flu, coughing, constipation, cancer prevention, fever, and many more diseases.
MHC 107 – Business Skill & Communication (4 Credits) 00:00:00
This course guides and covers the basic concept on how to start a business and explain all the necessary issues that is required for a Natural Health Consultant such as schools, accreditation, credentials, legal issues, malpractice insurance, forms, assessment systems, marketing, compliance, appointment structuring and other related issues.
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