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This certificate program of the BioNatural Healing College consists of 12 credits hours and is designed exclusively for those individuals interested in learning more about the benefits of medicinal plants and their health benefits in the prevention of many illnesses.

Objectives: To graduate with a successful certificate of Green Pharmacy Consultant Program should be able to:

  • Know the value and scope of medicinal plants in the current era
  • Understand and explore drugs and their herbal alternatives
  • Be able to consult in buying and using herbal products
  • To prepare and explain the treatment options based on herbal alternatives


Opportunities: Successful certificate holder of Green Pharmacy Consultant Program should be able to find employment in the following careers:

  • Work in herbal health store
  • Work in the manufacture of herbal supplements
  • Work in naturopathic doctor clinic
  • Work in natural and nutritional supplement industry

Note: Each course has a 12 week period to complete which includes three exams, assignments and a paper per course. Year long program (possible to complete in 9 months)

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