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Course Curriculum

BNHP 100 – BioNatural Health I (4 credits) 00:00:00
This course will give an overview of diet and lifestyle that can play an important role in creating and preventing multiple health problems such as overweight and obesity, cancer, skin cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, asthma, and Attention Deficit Disorder.
BNHP 101 – BioNatural Health II (4 credits) 00:00:00
This second part of course explain and discuss on depression, alzheimer’s, disease, parkinson’s, disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, and cavities, sleep disorders and headaches, birth defects, infertility, vaccines, the ancestry factor, alternative health landmines, how to avoid and reverse disease and improve health quality.
BNHP 102 – Health, Nutrition & Disease (4 credits) 00:00:00
This course focuses on many aspects of nutrition that will deal with dieting in pregnancy, childhood, and adulatory phases, however, in this first part of the course the topics include: Nutrition and the concept of balance, pregnancy, lactation and infant feeding, fetal nutrition and disease in later life, and nutrition and childhood.
BNHP 103 – Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology (4 credits) 00:00:00
This course introduces the human body such as cells, tissues, organs, and systems13. Describe basic human body parts and their functions in the life process. How important the human body is which consists of cells, tissues, organs, and system that play a significant role in the structures and functions of each major system of the human body.
BNHP 104 – Essential Microbiology (4 credits) 00:00:00
Students should learn the basic characteristics of each group (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, protozoa) of microbe. Describe the link that how does one know that a person is infected? Where and how is a person infected? What can be done if a person is infected?
BNHP 105 – Concepts of Conventional & Alternative Prescriptions (3 credits) 00:00:00
This course is focused on the evidence based that prescription drugs can deplete the body of essential vitamins and minerals. Discuss and explain hundreds of safe, natural, prescription free remedies to restore and maintain health. How to change the unnecessary medication mind set and avoid prescription drug abuse. Understand drugs interaction with food, drink, and supplements and drugs interact with other drugs.
BNHP 106 – Understanding Prebiotics & Probiotics (3 credits): 00:00:00
Introduce and explain the nature and dietary source of prebiotics (fruits, vegetables) fructooligosaccharides, fructan and functions and effects of prebiotics. Probiotics and their impact on the digestive tract based on food intake and digestion especially microflora of the GI tract such as bacteria (within the biosystem) gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
BNHP 107 – Business Skill & Communication (4 credits) 00:00:00
This course guides and covers the basic concept on how to start a business and explain all the necessary issues that is required for a Natural Health Consultant such as schools, accreditation, credentials, legal issues, malpractice insurance, forms, assessment systems, marketing, compliance, appointment structuring and other related issues.
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