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Course Curriculum

BNHC 100 – Introduction BioNatural Healing (4 credits) 00:00:00
The objective is to introduce the science of BioNatural Healing with respect to the concept of natural healing practice. To learn and focus on many aspects of health improvement and health care system in the context of diet, lifestyle, and the environment. This course focuses on various aspects of therapies based on ancient Natural Health philosophy and their need as an integrated approach in current health care systems. How important the science of natural health is in the improvement quality of health and prevention of diseases.
BNHC 101 – Introduction to Organic Foods Nutrition (4 credits) 00:00:00
Organic foods are more delicious and nutritious when compared to conventional farming because conventional farming mostly depends on using pesticides. How and why organic nutrition is more delicious and more nutritious based on many studies. Understand why pesticide use has adverse ecological effects on public health and environment. Organic farmers prefer their farming based on ecological and cultural practices, rather than using synthetic chemicals that are under strict rules and regulations for organic farmers not to use pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics GMO (genetically modified organisms) and radiation
BNHC 102 – Science of Water (4 credits) 00:00:00
Life without water is impossible; this course will focus on the science of water from a biological, ecological, and spiritual aspect as well as the value of water in sustaining life and nourishment of living organisms. In addition, how water plays an important role in the improvement of health and reducing poverty based on sanitation and drinking clean water.
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