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This certificate program of the BioNatural Healing College consists of 12 credits hours. This is a unique program with wealth of knowledge offers to students to learn about how to detoxify the body and avoiding harmful chemicals? Nutrition and techniques that can be applied during the process to bring body level in optimum health by removing from the harmful chemicals.

Objectives: To graduate with a successful certificate of Balance Diet, Detoxification Consultant Program should be able to:

  • Explain the basic acidity and alkalinity through the consumption of certain types of foods to maintain good health
  • Understand the science of the toxins to eliminate from the body
  • Understand the relationship of body through various detox diets and fasting
  • Focus on how to restore energy during and after detox diets

Opportunities: Successful certificate holder of Balance Diet, Detoxification Consultant Program should be able to find employment in the following careers:

  • Work for the natural health and wellness industry
  • Work for food and nutrition company
  • Work for public health nutrition
  • Work for natural food and supplement company

Note: Each course has a 12 week period to complete which includes three exams, assignments and a paper per course. Year long program (possible to complete in 9 months)

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